Game Wreckers 

Identify the game wreckers that can derail your crew and the game.

By identifying any of these possible game wreckers and COMMUNICATING any pertinent information to your crew and then taking action early in the contest to correct the "game wreckers" your game and your night will most likely proceed as a much more professional and enjoyable experience.

  • Player
    • Is there a player that is a pest?
    • Is this player constantly gesturing or complaining?
    • Is the uniform shirt always untucked?
    • Clapping towards an opponent’s face?
    • Is there an "AND ONE" comment made on multiple drives to the hoop?
  • Coach
    • Is the coach pushing the bounds of the coache's box?
    • Blocking the view of the table personnel?
    • Constantly commenting on you or your partners call just up to but not crossing the line of Impropriety?
    • Gesturing travelling signals, inciting the spectators, or staring down an official?
    • is there history from a previous game or games with a coach?
  • Spectators
    • Are there spectators that have artificial noise makers?
    • Are they making disparaging sounds or comments to opposing players?
    • Is there one particular pest that is inciting others?
  • Game Administrators
    • Is the site administrator roaming around "multitasking" or nowhere to be found when needed?
  • Table Personnel
    • Is the shot clock and game operator competent?
    • Does the scorekeeper make eye contact with you?
    • Is the visiting scorekeeper at the table sitting next to the official scorekeeper?
  • You and/or your partner(s).
    • Are you working with an old pro or a young pup?
    • Are there unresolved issued with you partner(s) or a coach from a previous game?
    • Do you or your partner have a reputation as a "red A**?
    • Are you dealing with an injury?
    • Have you brought some "baggage" from your personal life into the game.
  • The venue
    • Are the sightlines adequate or do you have to adjust mechanics to fit the gym?
    • Is there a game clock at both ends of the gym?
    • Is the shot clock system up to date?
    • Do you have an adequate and private changing area?
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