IAABO Board 27 Committee's

Election and Constitution

Chair: Bob Patey rpatey1953@yahoo.com
Dave Kuzmicz and Bryan Platt

Disciplinary: Past Presidents

Kevin Hart, Bill Laubenstein and Rich Myers

Board 27 Tournament

Chair: Frank Beebe bbgun36@hotmail.com
Jay Walsh, Tom Deneen, Dave Powell, Dan O'Neill, Rafael Olmedo and Michelle Anzalone

Floor Test: Chairs:

Rich Antonelli, rja44@comcast.net and Billy Joyce, cbj4942@yahoo.com
Chris Devlin, Dave Engelson, Bob Sterling, Fran Cummings, Cliff McLean, richie Collins, Tom Deneen, Bryan Gaine, Steven Shorter, and Michelle Anzalone

Clinics New Candidates

Chair: Rich Antonelli rja44@comcast.net
Fran Cummings, Dave Engelson, Rich Collins, Bob Sterling, Chris Devlin

Banquet: Chair:

Chair Secretary-Treasurer: Mike Hammond
Mike Colameta, Rich Antonelli and James Grady

AD's Directory:

Chair: Dave Powell davepowell5@gmail.com
Leon Graves, Wayne Pandolph

Special Olympics:

Chair: Chris Devlin chrisjdevlin@gmail.com
Steven Shorter, Rafael Olmedo, Bryan Gaine, Tom Deneen, Wayne Pandolph, Dav Powell


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