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Officials vs Cancer

2019 Brunch

Frank Beebe

Frank beebe received the Sherm Kenney Award at the
Boston Garden. also in photo are Tom Deneen and Dave Powell



MIAA Background Check

Registration for the 2019-20 seasons
will open on July 1, 2019


*Although the ArbiterSports database is able to accept registrations 365 days a year, it is recommended that seasonal officials complete registrations well in advance of the start of the season to allow for processing time of each background check.

Background Check and Registration

1) Click on the registration tab on the top left of this MIAA ArbiterSports page. 

2) Select all sports for which you wish to register and click the REGISTER button.

3) Follow directions and complete all information and consents. A photo is not required. If you already have an Arbiter account, it will recognize your email once you type it in, then follow all directions.

Registration Only/Previously Completed Background Check

All officials must register annually - $10 per sport.  Returning officials must confirm pre-populated information and complete all steps of the registration process (see steps above under “New Officials”).  Please check and/or correct all contact information. 

In order to finalize your registration you will need to once again consent to the background check in step 5 of the registration process, even though you have already been approved.  During the final payment step you will not be charged for another background check nor will it be run again.  Approved background checks are valid for three years. If you were approved during 2016-17 school year, it is valid until June 30, 2019. If you were approved during the 2017-18 school year, it is valid until June 30 2020. 

Click here to MIAA website to Register


Election of Officers

The Executive Committee has decided to reschedule the elections for the 2 interpretation meetings to be held next fall. Further information will be forthcoming as those dates approach. 

Also, as a reminder, dues are due by April 15.  Members that have not fulfilled this obligation will be in jeopardy of being dropped from Board 27. 


Dunn - Olsen Golf



Save the date, 22nd Annual Dunn-Olsen Golf 🏌️

Tournament will be held on June 19th at President GC.

More details to follow

Due to covid-19, this years golf tournament has been canceled.  Please stay safe.



Secretary/Treasure President

Richard Collins

Richard Antonelli

James Grady

Assistant Secretary/Treasure
Chris Devlin

AllSports East Starter Packages

Free Delivery AllSports East

Spring IAABO Meeting

This years IAABO Spring meeting was held in Ocean City Maryland
from April 18 through the 22nd. Pictured from left to right front row
Jack and Patricia Doyle, Michael and Mary Hammond.
Back row. Dave Engelson, Bob Sterling, Rich Antonelli Jim Grady and Bill Joyce.
.Also attending but not pictured Rich Collins.

So You Want to become an Official
Attend a game in your area and ask the officials what board they belong to and whom to contact for information. The board will be a valuable pool of resources for training, obtaining games and getting to know the officiating community. Attend board meetings. At those meetings, some held before the season starts, you can ask questions about rules, mechanics and positioning. Those sessions will be a foundation to get you started properly. Classes will begin in October. Click on the Clinic Link.

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