Great Night- 75 Members Great Rules Talk, Pizza and Beer. Refresher Exam Night Last. Good Job.

Nov 3- Coach calls timeout to try to correct, prevent or rectify a correctible error. If it's corrected the Team is not charged with a timeout. A1s try is contacted by B1 on its way up, time expires the ball goes in. The basket is counted. If a marked lane space player B1 breaks the plane of the free throw line prior to the ball hitting the ring it's a violation and contact with the shooter is a foul. All action that occurs before the ball becomes dead at the end of a quarter happened in that quarter and all free throws that stem from that will be part of that quarter. A1 may call timeout in possession of the ball while in the air, try to prevent a violation. manufacturers logo on undershirt. After a field goal and before the ball is at the disposal of the thrower in, it's dead. Let's talk about theses scenarios tonite. Remind me. Go Cubs Go.



October 30- A2 commits a common foul, it is a Team Control Foul. A1 commits her 5th foul, once the coach is notified she becomes bench personel. A1s throwing goes directly out of bounds, it is a throwing violation. A1 may not pick up her pivot prior to starting a dribble. On a throwing the mistake must be corrected before the ball is legally touched in bounds. On a double foul the ball is put back in play where the ball was at the time of the fouls. A2 may not break the free throw lane line until the ball is released. A player outside the 3 pt. line must wait til the ball hits the ring. Team A commits a violation on an AP arrow throwing they lose the ball and the arrow. A2 may catch the ball on a throwing in the air and land in the backcourt.

More to come, ask me about these tonite.

October 20, Meeting at Braker Hall. Class 4. Look up Alternating Possession Throw-in and AP Arrow.

October 17, meeting tonite on Class 4. Please continue working on Team Control. Player Control. Dribbling. Passing. Airborne Shooter. Counts. 3 seconds, 5 second closely guarded, 10 second backcourt. Substitutes during timeouts.

Welcome, nice meeting all of you last evening. Dave and I will be teaching Class 2 on Thursday night. We will start with the Class 1 review test. Please read the Rule 4 section of the Rules Book.

Check out Refschool, email me any questions. See you on Thursday at Braker Hall