Brunch 2017


Rich Antonelli, Mike Hammond and Jack Doyle
Mike Hammond presented the Charles Diehl Award


Jim Girolamo received the Vin Cronin Award presented by Bill Joyce


Bill Joyce presents Boys Coaches Award to Jim McCune
of Malden Catholic and Pat Driscoll

  Pat Ferdinand of Watertown receives Girls Coaches Award from AD Mike Lahiff

Smokey Kelliher Award presented to 50 year member
Tom O'Connor by Larry Last.


Basketball Rules Changes - 2016-17

By NFHS on May 19, 2016

1-20 NEW: Non-playing personnel, e.g., spirit participants, media, shall remain outside of the playing area during a 30-second or less time-out during the game. 

Non-playing personnel shall stand outside the free throw lane lines extended toward the sidelines throughout the game.

Rationale: Making officials aware of the standards set for the spirit participants allows the official to manage them when they may not be in an appropriate place.

2-12-5: Sound a warning signal to begin the2015seconds (maximum) permitted for replacing a disqualified or injured player, or for a player directed to leave the game.

Rationale:The amount of time presently given is too long and allows for gamesmanship to be deployed.

3-5-6: Undershirts shall be a single solid color similar to the torso of the jersey and shall be hemmed and not have frayed or ragged edges. If the undershirt has sleeves, they shall be the same length.A visible manufacturer’s logo/trademark/reference is not permitted on the undershirt.See 3-6 for logo requirements.

Rationale:This would now allow all extra apparel that is worn to have one logo. Last year we simplified the color requirements to be consistent on all sleeves, tights, wristbands and headwear. This would be one more step to assist our officials in simplifying the enforcement of the uniform rules.

3-5-7: Compression shorts shall be a single solid color similar to the predominant color of the uniform; the length shall be above the knee. Undergarments shall not extend below the pants/skirt. See 3-6 for logo requirements.

Rationale:This rule is no longer needed and would simplify the enforcement of the uniform rules for our officials. Compression shorts will be added to rule 3-5-3.

9-1-3h NEW: Players occupying marked free-throw lane line spaces may not enter the free-throw semicircle until the ball touches the ring or until the free throw ends.

Rationale: The addition of this information makes the rule complete and easy to understand.

Special Olympics

Special Olympics fundraiser Saturday March 25, 2017 at Cambridge Rindge and Latin. .
Dave Engelson, Brian Devine, Bryan Gaine, Joe Pinkos volunteered at the event.

Frank Beebe Receiving award

Frank Beebe receiving IAABO Life Membership in Rochester N.Y. on April 25, 2015.

From left to right..Michael Hammond, Frank Beebe, Jack Doyle and Rich Antonelli.

Board 27 At the Garden

Board 27 Officials at the Garden
Wayne Pandolph, Dave Powell and Dave Engelson
Congratulations and Good Job


Spring Conference 2016 Orlando

Board 27 members at the IAABO Spring Conference in Orlando

Past Presidents Mike Hammod and Jack Doyle, Board 27
President Bill Joyce, Dave Engelson, member of the IAABO
Rules Examination Committee and Rich Antonelli, Asst. Chair of
the IAABO Rules Examination Committee. Not pictured but did
attend was Tom O'Connor, 50 year IAABO member and Bob Sterling,
Board 27 Executive Committee member.



Fall Conference 2015 Colorado

Denver Colorado

Fall Conference 2015 Denver

Mike and Mary Hammond with Dave Engelson touring the Garden of Gods in Colorado.